Quality Guarantee: Our Promise To You


Off White stands behind the brands and designers that we carry. We guarantee the quality and authenticity of all of the items that we sell. This does not mean that there are not exceptions, occasionally an item may arrive with minor issues that were missed during quality control. We would love it if everything was always perfect, but because sometimes it is not Off White promises to fix any problems that may relate to the quality of your purchase.


We know how important wedding purchases are and because of this any quality control issues will be expertly addressed and in-store. Because we cannot oversee the work of seamstresses and tailors we do not have a working relationship with Off White cannot reimburse a client for any changes made to an item without our previous knowledge and acceptance.


Sometimes an exchange is the best option. Off White handles exchanges in the same way as traditional retailers, if an item has a flaw or problem that cannot be repaired we will replace the item with a new one. Because a lot of the products that we sell are special ordered it may take a while to receive the replacement. We will do the best we can to expedite shipping and exchange the item in a reasonable and fast time frame.


Cancellation and Return Policy

We don’t like to ruin people’s weddings. Seriously, we love our business and want to make your experience with us the very best possible. We do the best we can to offer a no-stress and zero pressure atmosphere. However, we are subject to very strict policies from our vendors and designers and unfortunately this means that we are only able to offer a 24 hour cancellation period after purchase.

Because most of our items are special order items we can only refund and/or cancel an order within 24 hours. If you would like to cancel an order and the 24 hour period has expired your purchase will be subject to a restocking fee that is equal to 50% of the total cost of the item(s).

We don’t like to have to do this, but when we place an order with a designer most companies only allow one day to cancel the order, if they allow cancellations at all. Once this one day period has expired Off White is contractually obligated to receive the item and we are financially responsible for the order, hence the fee.

Ordering Extra Fabric

Extra fabric can often take longer to receive than the dress! It’s crazy (we know!), but we have to work within the time frame of the designers and manufacturers and they don’t always mesh with how fast we would like things to arrive. We do our very best to get extra fabric for dress customizations, but sometimes these things just take time.

If you do not have at least 12 weeks to order fabric it is important that you are aware that it may not arrive until pretty close to your wear date. Because of this we suggest that you do not schedule any portraits until you have received the fabric and have had the alterations you need performed.

Off White will send you a text or call you with an estimated ship date of the fabric, but this is not the day we expect to receive it, it is the day it will ship to us. You will receive a call the moment we get the fabric, but you are always welcome to call us and check on the status of your order. We know how important your dress is, and we don’t mind chatting with you at all!


Off White does not perform in-house alterations. We can offer advice on how to make a dress fit better, customize a dress, and suggest seamstresses and tailors to make your gown fit like a glove. We have over a dozen seamstresses’ information available and we will work with you to pick a suitable alterations person for your gown, however you are always welcome to use your own contacts. We cannot guarantee the work of any seamstresses and any problems with alterations should be addressed directly with the seamstress. (But, if for any reason you need our help let us know! We won’t leave you hanging.)

Alterations can take some time. Sometimes even weeks. Because your wedding dress is a special and complicated to sew garment please allow time for your dress to be sewn to perfection. We suggest you work directly with your seamstress to figure out a time frame for your gown to be ready. It is best not to schedule any photoshoots until you know exactly when your dress will be ready. It is important for your gown to be perfect for your pictures, so it is best not to rush alterations if you can avoid it.

Ordering Times

Wedding dresses can take forever to arrive! Some gowns can even take up to 24 weeks. The standard shipping time for dresses is 12-18 weeks. You will be notified either at the time of purchase or a few days later when your dress is set to ship to us. Please note: this is not the day we expect to receive it, it is the date that your gown will ship to us. Please allow up to 10 days for us to receive the item after the initial ship date.

We get excited too, so the minute we receive your dress we call you! We keep record of every time we call you, so after a gown has arrived if you have not picked it up or called us that week we will call you again. We don’t mean to get on your back, but we have very little storage space and we want you to have your amazing dress.

Unfortunately, we do not have control over when an item ships. Off White does everything we can to make sure that items arrive as quickly as possible, but we cannot guarantee that they will arrive early or by a certain date. If you schedule pictures, alterations, or move your wedding to a date close to the ship date you run the risk of not having your dress ready for that day, which is sad. We don’t want you to be sad because it makes us sad, so be aware that we do our best but the ship dates are firm and cannot be moved up.  

Late Shipments

The worst thing that ever happens to us is a dress running late. Whether it is a wedding gown or a bridesmaids dress this is always the most stressful and awful thing, but Off White has never ever missed a wedding and we don’t ever plan on breaking that streak!

We care when a gown is late, we check on it everyday and do our best to accelerate the shipping, but we rely on the designer to do their part too which sometimes leaves us in a difficult position. For the sake of clarity this is our late shipment policy. If a dress (or item) ships within 10 business days of the original ship date the item will be considered on-time. If a dress is shipped outside of this time frame Off White will pay for expedited shipping at our cost.

Because ship dates occasionally vary we recommend that you do not purchase a gown that will arrive too close to your wear date. A leeway period of at least 3 weeks prior to your event is our professional recommendation. If you choose to purchase an item that has the potential to arrive very close to your wear date you accept the chance that it may not be able to be altered, pressed, or even arrive in time. Bridal Expressions will not accept responsibility for a dress arriving too close to a wear date because it was not purchased in a timely manner.

Cleaning and Pressing

Please bring your dress in for pressing one (1) week before you need it. Because it is a lengthy and time consuming process we cannot press a dress without adequate time. If you have an emergency or time frame constraint please let us know immediately so we may plan accordingly.

Off White offers a free pressing service on all full price wedding gown purchases. Because almost all of the gowns we sell are brand new we do not clean a dress when we press it. If you have worn your gown for pictures you may pay for the gown to be cleaned, but it is not included in the price of your dress. You are responsible for having worn your dress.

We do not press dirty dresses. Pressing a dirty gown can set-in stains and damage your dress. Heat sets in stains and can make them difficult or impossible to remove later. If you want your gown pressed it is best to do it prior to any photoshoots. Dresses really do stay relatively wrinkle free once they have been pressed, so long as they are treated gently and kept out of the bag while being stored between wearings.

Once your dress has been pressed it is important to keep it out of the dress bag. The bag is great for transportation, but storage before the wedding should be done with the dress out of the bag and the train hanging down (unbustled and hanging long).

Certain sale priced dresses do come with a free cleaning and pressing. This will be noted on your sales receipt and will be honored by Off White. One week notice is still necessary for this service.

Measurements and Sizing

Bridal sizes do not correlate with regular dress sizes. It’s a bummer, and you definitely didn’t grow two sizes when you came into the store, bridal sizes are just weird and we know it.

The sales staff at Off White are expertly trained in how to properly measure for a dress. We are not responsible for any changes in personal measurements. Your consultant will take accurate measurements at the time of dress ordering, if a person gains or loses weight it is not our responsibility to alter the gown to fit their new measurements.

Prior to ordering a dress we will discuss with you the best size based off of your measurements and the designer’s size chart. You are ultimately responsible for the size you choose. If you suggest ordering a smaller size and the dress for some reason does not fit it is not the responsibility of Off White (or visa versa). Our consultants are pretty amazing, we won’t suggest a size unless we know it is the best choice for you.

Scheduling Photoshoots

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event and want to make sure that your gown is perfect for both your pictures and your wedding day, so please use your judgement in scheduling bridal portraits. It is best not to schedule photoshoots too close to the ship date of your dress. Your dress may need alterations or you may want to have your gown pressed, but if you schedule portraits without considering the time these processes may take you run the risk of having to cancel or reschedule your pictures.

Photographers can be busy and they might be anxious to schedule your session, but your dress should be perfect before your pictures. Allow several weeks after gown receipt to get your dress picture-perfect. If you do not allot yourself adequate time we cannot guarantee that your dress will be ready. We do our best, but Bridal Expressions and seamstresses cannot work on extremely tight time frames and promise gown readiness.  

Layaways and Storage

Once your gown has arrived you will be notified immediately. We understand that life happens and you may not be able to pick up your dress for several weeks, If this is the case let us know! We are very understanding and are happy to work with you. But, if your dress or other items remain unclaimed for weeks expect us to keep calling. We have very little storage space and we want to make sure you receive the beautiful item(s) your paid for.

Dresses and items that are on layaway must be paid in full within 20 days of arrival. If you are not able to pay the amount due in full let us know so we can set up a payment schedule with you. If you do not contact us about your layaway you run the risk incurring a storage fee or possibly having an item returned to stock. A storage fee of $15 per week will be charged on any item left over 60 days.

Sometimes dresses arrive before you were expecting to pay the balance, If your dress arrives before the original ship date we will not start the 20-day period until after the original ship date has passed.

Items that have been left over 120 days will returned to stock. If you have not made any additional payments or contacted us about your item we will consider it abandoned. We don’t want you to lose your deposit so return our calls and texts, we want to work with you.

Payment Plans

As a service to our customers Off White is happy to offer FREE layaway. In order to purchase a gown on layaway a 50% deposit is required at time of order. The remaining 50% is due when the gown arrives. You have 20 days after arrival to pay the remaining balance on the layaway.

Items that are unpaid after 60 days will incur a $15 per week storage fee. Items left unpaid after 120 days will be returned to stock and your deposit will be forfeited. If you need additional time to pay off your layaway let us know, we are happy to work with you and we don’t want you to lose your deposit.  

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